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Welcome! LVantData is where data mining and social media analysis meets trending current events. In short, it’s where YOU WVANT DATA!

At times, LVantData will function as a study of the Levant – the area in the eastern Mediterranean encompassing Lebanon and Syria, as well as southern Turkey, Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, and the occupied Palestinian territory. Historically, the diverse people of the Levant have viewed themselves and their societies as byproducts of a crossroads of various rich civilizations and empires, including the Canaanites, Ancient Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Umayyads, Abbasids, Fatimids, Ottoman Turks, Europeans, and Arabs.  We hope that a better grasp of the politics of the contemporary Levant might enable ordinary people to make better sense of what’s happening in the region.

At other times, LVantData will observe some of the hottest news and sports trends we personally find interesting. Football/soccer fans, this is the place for you!

LVantData is the unlikely brainchild of two Harvard friends and avid football (soccer) fans, George Somi and Christopher Miller, coming from different hemispheres (West vs. East) and from completely different research styles (Qualitative vs. Quantitative). It’s only fitting, then, that this blog is a crossroads in and of itself.

We invite you to participate in this community, and we welcome blog post ideas and contributions. We hope to quantify and qualify events that will allow you to better assess policies advocated by television pundits, politicians, and government officials and to have fun observing the trending phenomena that we’ve found interesting.

While we realize there may be disagreements, we hope to maintain a civil environment. A few rules we will ask you to honor:

  • Please refrain from personal attacks and insults against other users.
  • Please refrain from racist, sexist, obscene, and other hateful and discriminatory language.
  • Please refrain from sectarian attacks, dehumanizing groups of people, calls of violence, and expressions of happiness at the death or suffering of others.
  • Please refrain from posting spam, links to irrelevant commercials, and commercial messages.
  • In short, bullies, trolls, and spammers aren’t welcome.

Now, let’s get started!